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· The characteristics of the Pipe fitting stainless steel reducer
· The forming of seamless steel pipe
· Analysis of main causes causing the decline of bend quality
· Manufacturing process of pipe tee
· Brief introduction of forged fitting
· The Stainless Steel Welding Ellipsoidal Head Pipe Cap heat treatment method
· Processing method of Seamless Steel Pipe Elbow


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Precautions for ERW steel pipe storage
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  At the time of storage of ERW steel pipe, first need to select the appropriate place, we need to think about the many external factors, the corrosion of ERW steel pipe and so on, so the place must be clean, dry and ventilated place, harmful gases present, ERW steel pipe can appear, weeds and other debris to be removed in time, to keep the outer surface of steel clean. If there is acid and salt in the storehouse, it is easy to react with the bared welded ERW steel pipe, so that the steel pipe is corroded, so try to cut it off, don't let it touch. According to the geographical conditions, there are sealed type warehouse, keep

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