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Production method of Concentric Reducer
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  Production method of Concentric Reducer

  Concentric Reducer is used for a pipe pipe size. Forming technique is usually used for necking, expanding to suppress suppressed or shrink diameter and diameter expansion pressing, for some specifications of Concentric Reducer also can use stamping forming.

  A. shrinkage / expanding

  The size of the first necking forming process is tube diameter and equal size head end into the forming mold, pipe blank by pressing along the axial direction, so that the metal along the die cavity and forming movement. According to the Concentric Reducer variable diameter size, divided into a pressing or repeatedly pressing forming.

  B. stamping

  In addition to the use of steel as raw material to produce size head outside, on the part of the specifications of the reducer also available steel plate by stamping process. Shape die using the tensile reference size head inner surface size of the design, use steel stamping die will under tensile material after forming.

  Reducer before bonding, the application of dry cloth to wipe the jack socket side and outside processing, when the surface sticky oil should wipe clean with acetone, the following points should be paid attention to:

  1, control the aperture: DIN standard (DN10-DN150), the standard 3A/IDF (1/2 "-6"), the ISO standard (phi 12.7- phi 152.4);

  2, the international industry standard: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF etc.;

  3, product material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L;

  4, quality and use: reducer internal and external use of high-grade polished equipment processing, reach the surface precision requirements; the product is suitable for dairy products, food, beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industrial fields;

  5, external processing: can according to user requirements to map, sample processing non-standard products;

  6, connection: clamp (fast loading) type, welding type, screw type (live).

  Note that the reducer is also suitable for dust environmental protection industry in the pipeline reducing diameter, are generally rolled steel cutting welded pipe diameter sizes, materials

  Generally hot rolled coil, the application is very good, can save the cost.

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