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Pipe Cap
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Weld Neck Flange
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· The difference between bend and elbow
· Particularity of carbon steel cap
· The butt is a pair of slip on flanges
· In the production of rolling weld neck flange
· Hebei Shengtian Group supply blind flange
· Shengtian Group is a factory of produce Pipe Tee
· How to distinguish the forged flange and casing flanges
· ERW Steel Pipe plant in the production of steel pipe process


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Before 1976, China carried out the planned economical system. The state-owned enterprises occupied the absolute control over economy. The private enterprises had almost no living space. In 1976, the central government changed the policy on the private enterprises gradually. At the turning point, the founders of the enterprises caught the chance and embarked on a difficult road to entrepreneurship. At the beginning, they had no enough money to build good workshop and to buy good equipments, so they had to use the traditional technology to produce in the simple and crude work houses. And the products were sold only to places near Hebei Province.

In the 80s, the founders analyzed the domestic market and made a series of sensible decisions. The strength of the enterprises was growing gradually. But, at that time, they did not pay much attention to the product quality. Because of the low quality, they used to lose some guests. They realized that quality is the life of an enterprise. Then they started to spend a lot of money and energy improving the quality. At last, they gained a recognization again. So the products were sold all around Hua Bei District. Because of the hard work and right decisions, they established the Hebei Shengtian Pipe Fitting Group Co. in 1989.

In the 90s, the enterprise experienced a great success. The number of employees and capital increased year by year. But, in the middle of 90s, the Asian economic crisis broke out. Many enterprises were seriously effected. Facing difficulty, the leaders did not flinch. They believed that crisis was an opportunity. They restructured enterprise development. And all the workers would like to tide over the difficulties with company. At last, the enterprise succeeded in overcoming the crisis depending on the high quality and good service. The products were sold to the whole county.

In the 2000s . Entering the new century, the whole world has become a unified market. In 2001, China joined in WTO. It is an opportunity and a challenge. The leaders adjusted the direction of development. With the consolidation of the domestic market, they turned to international market. Because of good reputation, we build good partnership with foreign friends. The products are sold to many countries and regions in the world, such as Middle East, Europe, Canada, America, Australia, Asia and so on. Facing the global financial crisis, we have confidence that through the joint efforts, the crisis can be overcome.

To the 2010s . The development of our company witnesses the development of China's reform and opening. Our company will constantly develop with the development of Chinese economy.Now Hebei Shengtina Pipe-fittings Group is come on a biggest Professional to produce carbon steel pipe fittings company in china,we hope to be biggest comany in this field in the world in the near future .

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