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Slip On Flange

ASTM Forged RF Ss316 Slip on Stainless Steel Flange

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        ASTM Forged RF Ss316 Slip on Stainless Steel Flange is divided into the following six basic types: flat welding 

 flange, welding flange, socket welding flange, loose flange, threaded flange and 

 integral flange.

  Flat welding flange: It is used in the case of more dielectric conditions, If low pressure does not purify compressed air, low pressure circulating water, its advantage is the price is cheaper;Welding flange: one of the most commonly used, it is welded to the pipe, the welding joints quality is better, and the neck of the flange is used in the taper transition, which can be subjected to harsher conditions;Socket welding flange: used in the pipeline for PN less than 100 MPa, DN less than 40;Loose flange: it is often used for low medium temperature and pressure.When corrosive medium is strong. part of the flange contact medium (flanging nipple) as the corrosion resistance of high grade materials such as stainless steel materials, while the external use of low grade materials such as carbon steel material of flange ring clamp it in order to realize the seal;Integral flange: often is the flange with equipment, tube, pipe, valve etc., this type is used in equipment and valve.

  Production process of pipe flange

  The production process is mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and coiling.

  Cast flange and forged flange

  Casting flanges, the size of the shape of the blank is accurate, the processing quantity is small, the cost is low, but there is casting defect (stomata). The inner parts of the castings are streamlined (if they are cut, streamline)

  Forging flange is generally less than the casting flange containing carbon, not rust, the forging is streamlined, the organization is more compact, the mechanical performance is better than the casting flange

  The failure of forging process can also show the phenomenon of large or uneven grain size, the phenomenon of hardening crack, the forging cost is higher than the casting flange.

  Forgings can withstand higher shear force and tensile strength than castings

  The advantage of castings is that they can make complex shapes and cost less.

  The advantage of forgings is that the internal tissues are even, there are no holes in the castings, and the inclusion of the harmful defects.

  The difference between casting flange and forging flange is production process, such as centrifugal flanges.

  The centrifugal flanges belong to the precision casting method, which is much thinner than the normal sand type casting tissue, and the quality is improved a lot, which is not easy to get the problems of loose tissue, stomata and trachoma.

  Let's take a look at the manufacturing process flow of forged flange

  The forging process is usually composed of the following processes, namely, the selection of quality steel billet, heating, forming and cooling.The forging process has a free forging, die forging, and tire forging.In the production, press the mass of the forging parts,according to the production’s amount we choose different forging method .

  It is widely used in forging simple pieces and small batches of forging parts.The free forging equipment is equipped with pneumatic hammer, steam air hammer and hydraulic press, which are suitable for the production of small and large forgings.High productivity, easy to operate, easy to achieve mechanization and automation.The size of die forging is high, the machining allowance is small, and the fabric of the forging is more reasonable, which can further improve the service life of the parts.

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